3 Reasons Why You Need A Snapchat Filter For Valentines Day.


Everyone wants a Valentine when that 14th day of February rolls around every year and if you’re lucky enough to have a date this year odds are you want to impress them. Here are 3 reasons why getting a Snapchat Filter to help celebrate the special occasion isn’t such a bad idea.


1: You Put Thought into the Date 


Everyone wants to be appreciated, to have a Snapchat filter up you have to set up a time and location hours, sometimes even days before the filter actually is activated. Taking time out to set up a time and location shows that you actually put thought into the date and that you care about the person you took out. Fellas, your girlfriend would love showing off the filter you had made for her while she is on Snapchat for Valentines day. Even if you already have a date planned, a Snapchat Filter is a great compliment to fit the occasion!

2: More Pictures = More Memories


Having a Snapchat filter up means you have to take pictures to use it. This means more photos. Everyone loves to remember a great date, with every picture that you and your date take together is a memory that both of you take with you for years. All that you have to do is make sure the date is as memorable as the filter!

3: You are thinking outside of the box


How many people do you know that have had their own Snapchat Filter for a date? The chances are not many. Surprising your Valentine with a filter for your date is something they would love and never expect. The next person they date after you has to go above and beyond to beat a date with it’s own custom Snapchat Filter!

No matter if you are going to that park, or to a fancy restaurant, even if you have a date planned at the bowling alley or skating ring, a Snapchat Filter is a thoughtful and unique compliment to any date!

Wondering where you can get a good Snapchat filter that is worth the price? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered!


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